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4 Cooling System Myths Busted

Things you should know about your vehicle's cooling system

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 06/23/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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4 Cooling System Myths Busted

4 Cooling System Myths Busted

There’s a lot of auto repair misinformation out there. You can often ask a question to several different people and get several different answers.

Amateur technicians or unethical professionals can make it tough to sift through the bad information and get a correct answer. We’re here to shed some light on your car’s cooling system.

1. The cooling system does not need maintenance.

False! The cooling system is not maintenance free.  When coolant breaks down, it can cause rust to become charged electrically. The coolant becomes extremely corrosive and can damage your engine and cooling system.

2. A small coolant drip is no big deal.

False! A small coolant leak is most definitely a big deal. Not only that, but it’s against the law to dump antifreeze into surface water, which is what you do when you park outside, the radiator, if it has a leak can split open and dump all of the remaining coolant. Fixing small leaks before they become bigger problems is always a good idea.

3. When your car overheats, slow down.

False! Although it may sound counter-intuitive, speeding up can actually help you when your car overheats. Speeding up causes more coolant or air to flow. Another trick is blasting the heater because the heater acts as a cooling coil that dumps heat from the engine into your vehicle’s cabin.

4. All you have to do is keep the coolant reservoir full.

False! The coolant level, despite what many people think, is not the only determining factor in maintaining your coolant system. Coolant quality is also very important. Since coolant breaks down, we know that flushing the system is essential to keeping the coolant system up and running.

If you are having cooling issue problems or need regular maintenance or auto repairs services performed just give the techs at AAMCO Lee’s Summit a call today and make a convenient appointment with our auto repair experts.

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