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6 Reasons to Service Your Vehicle’s A/C This Spring

Staying cool and dry in your car is not about convenience; it’s also about safety. Check out the reasons why your vehicle’s A/C is so essential to service and maintain.

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 03/26/2021  | Seasonal Vehicle Maint

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6 Reasons to Service Your Vehicle’s A/C This Spring

You’ve looked forward to this all winter: that first day of driving in the warm spring sun with the windows down. When the warmer weather calls you to hit the road for spring break road trips, make sure you plan ahead to check on one of your car’s most important features: the air conditioning.

Your air conditioning can give you pretty clear signs that it is struggling, including:

  • Not blowing cold air 
  • Not getting to the desired cold temperature
  • Emitting a nasty, dirty, or burning smell
  • Operating loudly

Keeping your A/C updated with regular checks can save you time, money, and hot headaches when the temperatures rise. Here are six reasons to service your air conditioning this spring:

1. A Working A/C Keeps You Cool

Why should you check in on the health of your car’s air conditioning? The plain and simple reality is that nobody wants to find themselves caught on a trip without that cool and refreshing air coming from the vents at the click of a button. Without a properly working A/C, your dream day trip could quickly turn into a sweaty and sticky nightmare.

2. You Can Save Money On Costly Repairs

Ever wonder how an A/C works in a vehicle? Here’s the quick rundown:

  1. The refrigerant within the unit is compressed into hot gas in a compressor
  2. The hot gas is cooled and travels to an expansion valve
  3. The refrigerant returns to a low-pressure gas and cools in an evaporator
  4. A fan blows the cooled air through the vents

As you can see, the A/C contains several important components that can wear down over time and with extended use. One breakdown in the system can lead to a failure of the entire unit. Avoid costly replacements and repairs — such as a failed compressor — by having your air conditioning checked each spring by a trained mechanic.

3. Clean A/C Benefits Your Health

Your air conditioning components take advantage of filters that ensure that the air pushed through the vehicle is as clean as it is cool. The more often you keep your A/C serviced and cleaned, the more clean air you will breathe in as you drive. Don’t neglect these filters; mold and mildew can build up and create an unhealthy environment for you and your passengers, especially those with allergies. 

4. You Will Drive Safer

The cooler and more refreshed you feel, the safer you will be on the road. Without a properly working A/C, you could find yourself struggling to focus with sweat in your eyes and hot temperatures keeping your brain foggy. A working A/C is a safe driving investment in more ways than one.

5. You Can Defog Windows Faster 

With spring weather comes unexpected weather changes. When you hit the road in the spring, you can quickly find yourself driving through hard rains, fog, and fluctuating temperatures. If you find your windows fogging up unexpectedly, a quick hit from a working A/C can help clear away distractions.

6. It’s A Normal Part Of Your Routine Maintenance

One of the best reasons to check your A/C each spring is that the process is a normal part of your routine maintenance. By simply bringing your vehicle in for a maintenance check, you can have a certified HVAC and EPA-certified vehicle technician diagnose any issues and repair them quickly. 

A/C problems can be tricky to diagnose and repair, so you should always work with your licensed mechanic to find and fix any issues. Leaks of refrigerant from the A/C are colorless and odorless, and a certified expert technician must complete the removal of bad refrigerant. In fact, there are laws involved with the removal and reuse of refrigerant in vehicles — so avoid risk and work with a professional every time. Never attempt to DIY an A/C fix on your own.

What Can I Expect at an A/C Service Appointment?

Your vehicle’s air conditioning is a complex piece of equipment. It is always recommended that the unit be checked and serviced by a skilled technician. When you stop by your mechanic and request an A/C servicing, you can expect them to pop the hood, start up the car, and check for optimal functioning and performance.

In general, an A/C service technician will perform the following at a service appointment:

  • Visually inspect all aspects of the A/C system to ensure it is clean and properly functioning
  • Check the A/C’s pressure system’s readings to ensure the right speed and velocity of airflow
  • Conduct a complete outlet temperature analysis to test the cooling temperature. 
  • Recommend any necessary servicing, troubleshooting, and repairs to the A/C unit and components if necessary

Keep Cool This Spring & Check Your A/C

An A/C unit can be a fast and easy check during your next routine visit to your mechanic, so don’t risk letting time pass without servicing. If you take the time now to address any issues with your air conditioning, you can avoid the irritating and costly repairs that can occur at a moment’s notice. Avoid the hassle and drive in cool comfort by investing in an A/C check this spring.

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