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Do Strange Noises Mean You Require Auto Repair?

What different vehicle noises can mean

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 08/25/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Do Strange Noises Mean You Require Auto Repair?

Do Strange Noises Mean You Require Auto Repair?

If you have begun hearing sounds like popping, grinding or clunking, there is generally a reason for this noise within your vehicle. 

Common car noises and what they might signal:

  • Buzzing – If you hear or feel a steady buzzing (like a bee), it could be due to low air pressure in one of the tires or a loose lug nut. Another possibility could be that there is a loose part inside of your vehicle. Most buzzing noises can be easily corrected with minor auto repair. 
  • Chirping – The sound of small flock of birds chirping under your hood could be the result of worn out fan belts or an issue with the alternator or water pump. Chances are, you will need some auto repair to eliminate the chirping sound.
  • Clicking – Clicking can also sound like a light tapping sound coming from your engine. This may be the cause of low oil pressure or oil levels. If you hear clicking when you’re turning your car, then it you may have a problem with your car’s CV joint and might the help of a certified auto repair technician. 
  • Flapping –Flapping sounds, like a flag waving constantly in the wind, could mean an issue with a belt, tire or fan. Additional non-mechanical possibilities to explain this sound might be a partially rolled down back window or perhaps a seat belt was accidentally closed in the door and is hanging outside the car.
  • Grinding – A grinding metal-on-metal type sound may be occurring due to gears being shifted incorrectly, brake linings being worn down or even if wheels or axle bearings are worn out.
  • Hissing – A hissing sound, much like steam coming from a small opening could indicate a larger issue like a vacuum leak or a punctured tire. If it’s a vacuum leak, then you’ll need to seek professional auto repair.

There are many other noises that could be coming from your vehicle. No matter the sound, the reality is that your vehicle is sending you a signal that it is currently is experiencing some type of issue. It is important to have it checked out before the problem escalates.

At AAMCO Lee’s Summit, we are familiar with the sounds that vehicles make and what systems they relate to. If you have any questions about sounds your vehicle may be making, stop in today or give us a call for an easy appointment.

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