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How to Be Ready for Winter Vehicle Emergencies

Having your vehicle prepared for winter is critical

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 11/14/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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How to Be Ready for Winter Vehicle Emergencies

How to Be Ready for Winter Vehicle Emergencies

It’s common to have an emergency kit in your home, but also important to have one for your car. This is even more important in the cold winter, as getting your vehicle for a winter emergency can make all the difference. If your power goes off at home, for example, you still have a safe shelter. Although, if your vehicle breaks down and you find yourself in need of auto repairs in severe cold weather conditions, the situation could be a lot different. Below are tips to keep you and your family on the road this winter.

Keep your gas tank filled up and winterize your car!

Bringing in your vehicle to your trusted auto repair shop for a tune-up can help you to be sure your vehicle is winter ready. It’s also important to keep the fuel tank filled up, as running out of gas when it’s freezing cold outside can put you in a dangerous situation. 

Know before you go!

Be knowledgeable of how long you’ll be driving and the route you’ll be taking in advance. City driving often gives you more options for finding a quick shelter if needed, as opposed to rural highways, where you might find yourself stranded for a long period of time. Having a sleeping bag or a blanket, some water and non-perishable foods and a working flashlight can make all the difference in an emergency situation. Also, extra warm winter clothing including hats, coats, scarves and gloves are important to have in your car all winter long. If you should require auto repair, at least you will be more comfortable and prepared as you wait for help to arrive.

Make Yourself Visible

If your vehicle requires a repair on the side of the road, you should signal for help. If your electrical system isn’t working you’ll need to find a way for other drivers to see you on the road. Having an LED beacon on hand is a good alternative. Also, keeping an additional LED flashlight in your glove compartment is a smart idea.

Before Winter Begins, Get the Repairs You Need

Having your vehicle prepared for winter is critical. Get any auto repairs or vehicle maintenance you need before the cold weather begins. 

For complete winterization services for your vehicle, call AAMCO Lee’s Summit for a convenient appointment or stop in today.

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