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Is It Time For a New Timing Belt?

Signs your timing belt may be worn out

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 05/15/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Is It Time For a New Timing Belt?

Is It Time For a New Timing Belt?

All vehicles have timing belts, a finely tuned piece of equipment that keeps the engine running smoothly. During any car’s lifetime, the timing belt will require being replaced. It’s important to know what your vehicle’s owner’s manual recommendations are for timing belts. Keeping up to date on that can help to prevent a potential blown engine or lots of expensive repairs later.

Replacing a timing belt before it needs it (or it’s too late) is important. Guidelines suggest that a timing belt should be replaced after every 60,000 mi. Although, the numbers may vary a bit between vehicles, it’s best to have your timing belt checked regularly each year to make certain that it’s still in good working order. If you’re not comfortable doing this on your own, call the expert techs at AAMCO Lee’s Summit for an appointment or just ask your tech to take a look the next time you are in for an oil change or another general repair or service

There are a few tell-tale signs that suggest it’s time to change your timing belt, including excessive exhaust. If you see your car is suddenly spewing a lot more exhaust than it usually does, this could indicate a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Also, if your car doesn’t start smoothly or it’s just not running as efficiently as it used to, it could be a sign of a worn out timing belt. 

Over time, timing belts can lose the teeth that keep it locked into its correct position. The belt can also get cracked, which shows that it’s nearly worn out and needs to be replaced. If the belt looks shiny on the underside, it is a sign of glazing. A belt with glazing is not flexible and is unable to perform optimally any longer.

Timing belts are an essential component of every vehicle. Since it is not possible to effectively repair this part, it must be replaced when degraded and worn. It’s important to check this part often as it may help you to avoid more costly repairs down the road.

Call AAMCO Lee’s Summit if you have any questions about your vehicle’s timing belt or stop in today.

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