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Be Ready for Winter Weather with a Free Auto Repair Check Up

How Cold Weather Affects Your Car

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 01/28/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Be Ready for Winter Weather with a Free Auto Repair Check Up

Be Ready for Winter Weather with a Free Auto Repair Check Up

Winter can be hard on all of the systems in your vehicle. Cold temperatures, rain, ice, snow, wind and road salt can all affect your vehicle’s performance and even cause potential damage to your vehicle that requires auto repair. That’s why regularly scheduled seasonal maintenance is so important for your vehicle’s performance.

How Cold Weather Affects Your Car

During the winter cold, your vehicle may experience some changes that can have an affect some of your vehicle’s systems and components and may potentially require auto repair including:

Thickening of motor oil. 

Colder temperatures cause your car’s motor oil to get thicker and to move slower through your engine.

Reduced battery function. 

The energy your battery puts out reduces when it gets colder out. You may find this the case with an older battery that used to start up your car just fine when it was warmer outside. The colder temperatures may cause your battery not to start your car and may leave you stranded.

More fuel used. 

Vehicles generally use more gas in the colder winter weather.

Higher risk of windshield cracks. 

In some circumstances, your vehicle’s windshield can become additionally vulnerable when it exposed to cold, ice and snow. Drivers often remove ice and snow incorrectly, which can potentially crack or damage the windshield and require some auto repair.

Get a Free Winter Car Check Up at AAMCO Lee’s Summit

If you are noticing any issues with your vehicle’s cold weather driving performance, call or stop in to see the expert techs at AAMCO Lee’s Summit today for a FREE winter car check-up. Don’t take unnecessary risks by driving your vehicle when it is not functioning properly. This way you can help to prevent auto repair issues before they occur!

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