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The Best Times to Get Auto Repair Services Done Quickly

Tips on getting auto repair done with minimal wait time

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 09/28/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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The Best Times to Get Auto Repair Services Done Quickly

The Best Times to Get Auto Repair Services Done Quickly

Sometimes you have no choice other than getting the auto repair you need immediately. When you have some more flexibility as to when you get auto repair, it’s said that these are the best times to go. 

Best Times of the Year for Speedy Auto Repair

  • Between Christmas and New Year’s Day
  • The days after holidays
  • Anytime in April
  • Bad weather days

Getting your car to the center when they are not busy is the key. 

The two reasons for this are that:

  1. Fewer customers means more time that the technician can spend focusing on your vehicle. He’s also likely to have time to answer more questions 
  2. You may be better able to negotiate a price, as the technician knows that he really has to maximize his sales from the customers that actually walk through the doors, so you may even get something thrown in for free. 

Best Times of the Day to Come In for Auto Repair

  • Early to Mid-Morning
  • Early to Mid-Afternoon

Just prior to lunch or right before the day ends is the worst time of day to get an auto repair for a few reasons.

Chances are, the technician is hungry or ready to leave for the day, and he might be tempted to rush through your vehicle to get out of there on time. While most professional mechanics would still attempt to do their best, they may not be as likely to be as patient or as thorough. 

As a rule of thumb, the best time of the day for auto repair is generally thought of as early to mid-morning or early afternoon. Your technician is much more likely to be focused and ready to work. He’s also less busy if you are at the very beginning of the day, which also means that you’ll be finished sooner as well. 

The professional technicians at AAMCO Lee’s Summit are always ready to solve your auto repair problems. Simply stop in or give us a call and make a convenient appointment.

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