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What Does the Strange Noise My Car is Making Mean? Part 1

Sounds related to issues with your vehicle’s brakes

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 10/26/2015  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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What Does the Strange Noise My Car is Making Mean? Part 1

What Does the Strange Noise My Car is Making Mean? Part 1

As vehicles age, they can begin to make strange noises like squeals, clicks, or clunks. If you hear sounds like this, you are likely wondering where they are coming from and if it requires your immediate attention. Just like people, your car will generally tell you when something isn’t quite right. In part 1 of “What Does the  Strange Noise My Car is Making Mean?” we’re going to cover your vehicle’s brakes and the noises they can often make as well as the causes of those noises.

A Clunking Sound When Braking

Possible causes include:

  • A worn steering system.
  • An improperly mounted disc brake caliper.
  • Damaged or missing brake hardware.

A Squealing Sound When Braking

Possible causes include:

  • Dirty brake pads, drums, rotors and/or shoes.
  • Worn brake pads and/or shoes.
  • The wear indicator on the pads is making contact with the rotor.
  • Brake pads have overheated and have glazed consequently.
  • Disc brake calipers were mounted incorrectly or have loosened.

A Scraping Sound When Braking

Possible causes include:

  • Distorted or out-of-round brake drum.
  • Extremely worn brake shoes.
  • Brakes are not applying evenly.

A Rhythmic Scraping Noise When Driving at Slow Speeds

Possible causes include:

  • A badly warped brake rotor.
  • Brake drums need to be replaced because they’re badly out-of-round.

A Clicking Sound Coming from the Front When Turning Corners

Possible causes include:

  • A hard object is caught between the rotor and the brake pads.
  • Worn CV joints.
  • Brake pads are loose in their mounting.

A Clicking Sound When Turning or Braking

Possible causes:

  • Disc brake caliper is mounted improperly.
  • Worn steering system components.
  • Brake hardware is damaged or missing.
  • It’s very important not to ignore the signs your brakes are sending you when they make sounds like the ones we’ve listed here. Addressing and correcting the issue as soon as possible will help to ensure your safety and others on the road. When driving your vehicle, stopping is just as important as going. If your brakes are not functioning properly it can put you at risk for a bad accident

If you are hearing sounds coming from your brakes or experiencing any problems, call the brake and auto repair experts at AAMCO Lee’s Summit today for an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s issues.

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