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What Makes a Good Auto Repair Technician?

Know the qualities of great auto repair technicians.

AAMCO Lee's Summit  | 01/06/2023  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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What Makes a Good Auto Repair Technician?

Originally published on 04/15/2015
Updated on 01/06/2023

Finding a reliable and skilled auto repair technician can be daunting, especially when you need repairs on your vehicle immediately. A great auto technician is more than just someone who can repair your vehicle; they are also a valuable resource for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. 

This blog will delve into the characteristics and qualities of a great auto technician, including technical and diagnostic expertise, customer service, and the ability to stay up to date with industry developments and standards.

Qualities of Great Auto Repair Technicians: 

1. Technical knowledge: 

A good technician should have a thorough understanding of how vehicles work and be able to diagnose and repair a wide range of mechanical issues. They should also be up to date on the latest technologies and be able to service any make and model of vehicle. 

2. Practical skills

An excellent technician should have strong hands-on skills and be able to work efficiently and accurately regarding diagnosis and repairs with strong problem-solving abilities. They should also be able to proficiently operate various highly technical tools and diagnostic equipment.

3. Customer service skills

How an automotive technician interacts with customers is a huge part of creating an experience that facilitates trust, loyalty, and satisfaction. These skills include:

  • Good communication 
    A good technician should be able to communicate clearly with their customers in order to plainly explain highly technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand. They should also be able to listen to their customers' questions and concerns with patience and address them professionally and respectfully.

  • Ethical standard
    Honesty is certainly the best quality a technician can possess. You want a professional who will give you honest recommendations regarding auto repair. You also want an auto technician that keeps your interests in mind, like saving you money whenever possible while maintaining the quality of parts and the service provided. Good auto technicians will work within a customer’s budget and preferences but will also be honest about not skipping important steps in repair when safety is concerned. 

  • Transparency
    Ensuring the customer knows what is happening during all stages of the repair is a sign of a good auto technician. This includes:

An initial multipoint inspection:
A multipoint Inspection, or sometimes called a Vehicle Courtesy Check, is a process that is performed to discover what systems are causing the problems with your vehicle that you are concerned about and what will be the next steps in diagnostics and repairs. This quick process will allow the technician to look over the vehicle and provide the findings to your service adviser to create an accurate written estimate for the customer’s review and approval. This estimate will include necessary required repairs for the immediate problem of concern and will often identify any maintenance services that also due during the inspection. This process gives the customer the option and clarity of knowing what to do now and what might be put off a little later when it might be more convenient. 

A written estimate: An auto repair center with good technicians will always  provide a written estimate for any work that is required for the safety and proper functioning of the customer’s vehicle. This estimate and communication should be detailed including what items on the vehicle require repairing, which repairs or maintenance services might be optional, the cost of the parts and labor, the warranty details, and how long these repairs and services may take.

Calls about additional costs or discoveries:  If there are any unexpected expenses or findings during the repair process that  the technician discovers, the technician or service adviser will call the customer and discuss available options. 

A detailed Invoice: Once the work is complete, the customer will have in hand a detailed invoice of the date of service, all completed repairs, and warranties connected to all work performed, including parts and labor.

4. Certifications and Continual Learning 

Certifications can show a technician's enhanced level of dedication and training, especially when it involves more complicated components that require expertise, such as diagnostics and transmission repair. Certifications also signal a continual willingness to learn new skills and update technical knowledge. 

5. Warranty

Warranties guarantee the work performed on your vehicle and give you peace of mind that the auto repair center and the technician will be accountable. A warranty should include parts and labor. The Invoice should also be clear about how long the warranty is for and if there are options for an extended warranty. 

6. A trusted part of the community

All the above skills will make this auto technician a trusted part of their community. Word of mouth can be one of the best recommendations, as are online reviews from multiple sources, such as the Better Business Bureau, Google reviews through Google Maps, and Yelp. A good technician will have a solid history that speaks for itself based on the skills and experience mentioned above. The longer an auto repair center has been in business, the better it speaks to its reputation and the technicians that work there. Often families use the same auto repair shop from generation to generation, similar to a trusted family doctor. 

Good Technicians Do the Best Work

With the right technician, you will get even the most complicated repairs, like your vehicle’s transmission, repaired right the first time to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. 

For expert auto repair technicians and complete services for your vehicle, call AAMCO Lee's Summit today! We can take vehicle of all of your auto repair and maintenance needs.

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